The War of the Worlds Chapter 2

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The War of the Worlds Chapter 2: The Martians Head towards Earth

My friend named Ogilvy was a famous astronomer, and he was very interested in Mars. He invited me to look at the red planet through his telescope.

As I watched, there was a cloud of gas that erupted as the second missile started on its way towards Earth. I didn't realize how much trouble that the tiny speck of light would cause for the planet Earth.

There was a new explosion on the planet every night for a whole week. Even the newspapers began to take notice, but no one realized that the Martians were sending spacecraft that were now moving towards the earth at great speed.

Nevertheless, people carried on their regular lives as usual. I remember one night, as the first spacecraft was ready to fall, I took a walk along the river. It was a warm summer night, and many people were out taking a stroll. Everything seemed so safe and peaceful. I looked at Mars, a bright red star rising in the sky.