The War of the Worlds Chapter 4

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The War of the Worlds Chapter 4: The Martians at Work

For a few days, life was going on as usual. Although the Martians looked horrible, no one believed they would be dangerous.

The Martians looked heavy and clumsy. Everyone believed that Martians would be weak because the gravity on Earth is stronger than the gravity on Mars. Everyone thought the Martians would be too weak to fight against humans.

What no one realized, however was that the earth has more oxygen, and this gave the Martians greater strength.

The Martians also had advanced technology, and built incredible machines so that they did not even have to use their bodies very much anyway. You could hear the sounds of hammering in the pit as the Martians worked on the machines that they were building.

A group of men walked up to the edge of the pit. They were waving a white flag, and wanted to communicate with the visitors from Mars.

Slowly a large machine with three legs like a tripod rose up out of the pit. The tripod fired a strange weapon, and all of the men burst into flames.

The heat ray swept across the edge of the forest around the field and caused all the trees and bushes to burst into flame. I ran for my life, crying like a child. Everything seemed like a bad dream.