The War of the Worlds Chapter 5

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The War of the Worlds Chapter 5: War with the Martians

When the Army heard that the Martians had a heat ray, they began to take the situation very seriously. Soldiers surrounded the pit, and many weapons were being moved in.

Suddenly a man shouted, "Look! Over there! Do you see them?" Quickly one after another four of the Martian fighting machines appeared. They were enormous machines that were higher than tall buildings.

A Martian sat inside each machine, controlling it the same way a man's brain controls his own body. They walked over the trees, crushing them or pushing them aside.

One tripod walked past me, it created a deafening howl that roared like thunder. "Aloo! Aloo!" was how it sounded.

I saw artillery guns firing on one of the large tripods. Suddenly there was a heavy explosion, and there was so much black smoke that I could not see what was happening.

Then I saw that it was a young soldier. I called out to him, and asked, "Are you running away?"

"Yes," he shouted. "I am running from the Martians. They wiped us out!"

He started to cry like a child. He told me he was part of the artillery crew. They were pointing their guns at one of the tripods, when the tripod fired its heat ray, and he was knocked down. When he woke up, He found himself surrounded by dead men. He was lucky to be alive.