The War of the Worlds Chapter 6

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The War of the Worlds Chapter 6: The Thunder Child

The artillery man and I went to London and saw that the city was in ruins. I saw some tripods walking around the city with their tops turning around as if they were looking at all the damage they had created.

By now, a lot of people were trying to leave London. Many ships had come to earn money helping the refugees escape. The refugees did not have any weapons or food or any real sense of direction. All the people were fighting to get aboard the boats that were leaving to go to America.

Suddenly, three of the tripods came towards the river. At the sight of these terrible machines, the people screamed and started pushing each other.

The only warship in the area was the Thunder Child. The ship moved towards the Martian and increased its speed. Then the ship began to fire its guns. The shots hit one of the tripods and brought it crashing down. There was a violent explosion, and steam and smoke came up out of the river.

One Martian turned its heat ray down towards the ship and fired. A jet of steam came up from the water and it caused the Martian to fall over backwards and it exploded too.

The last Martian turned his hea tray on the ship and fired. The ship burst into flames, but the captain steered the ship straight at the last Martian. He brought it down by ramming the Martian and causing it to fall into the river where it exploded. The other ships were heading out to sea, and all the passengers were safe.