The War of the Worlds Chapter 7

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The War of the Worlds Chapter 7: The Martian Plan

I met a banker who was standing by the river looking across the ruined city. "Just this morning, I was in charge a large bank in London," he said. "Now everything has changed."

We went into one of the houses, found some food inside and began to eat. Suddenly, there was a terrible crash, and I realized that a fighting machine was near the house.

The banker was very frightened, and he started to cry and cry. I was afraid the Martians would hear him, so I struck him hard on the head. He fell down unconscious on the floor.

Suddenly I heard a noise near the door. I saw the large glowing eyes of a Martian looking inside.

I ran into the bedroom and locked the door. I could hear the Martian turning the doorknob, opening the door and entering the house. I heard the Martian moving around in the kitchen, knocking things over and breaking things. Then I heard the sound of the banker's body being dragged away. I wanted to help the banker, but there was nothing I could do.

I stayed in the bedroom for six days, too frightened to move. When I slept, I dreamed either of wonderful dinners, or of the horrible death of the banker.

Then on the sixth day, all the noise in the Martian pit stopped. I gathered my courage and went to look out the window. I didn't see any people, and I didn't see any Martians or their machinery. I only saw the destroyed village.