The War of the Worlds Chapter 8

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The War of the Worlds Chapter 8: The Soldier's Plan

As I was walking back to London, I saw a thin tired looking man dressed in a dirty military uniform. I looked at him for a moment, but then I recognized him. He was the soldier that I had met before.

I told him that the Martians were capturing humans to use for food. He said, "Some people will let the Martians catch them and feed them and use them like cattle." "Meanwhile, other men will hide from the Martians and become like wild animals."

"However, men like us must invent a new way of life. I think the human race can start a new life underground."

"We will build a new society.of strong and intelligent people. We will live underground and study all the books we can get. Not stories, but science. Then we will learn to make fighting machines and attack the Martians," "Come with me," he said. "Let me show you the tunnel I am digging."

I was impressed by the man's courage, but then he showed me a tunnel that was only about 5 meters long. It had taken him a week to dig. I could have dug it in a day. I realized that his dreams were far out of his reach.

I helped him dig for a little while, but after working only an hour, the soldier decided to take a rest. "Let's stop and have something to eat," he said.

After we ate, we did not feel like working, so we just played cards. Then I said goodbye to the soldier, and I left him.