The War of the Worlds Chapter 9

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The War of the Worlds Chapter 9: The Martians are Defeated

I walked all morning along the lonely road back into the city. I saw many bodies and bones of people who had been dead for many days. All of the shops and houses were locked up. Thieves had broken into the closed shops, but they did not take any money, jewelry or merchandise because they were only looking for food.

Suddenly I heard a strange howling in the distance. It was a long, loud, sad sound that continued again and again "Ulla, ulla, ulla…" The voice kept crying, "Ulla, ulla, ulla…" Suddenly, I saw fighting machines, but they were still. The sound was coming from one of the fighting machines.

The howling affected my mind. I felt lonely, tired, hungry and thirsty. I thought of my family and friends that I might never see again. I decided to just let the Martians kill me.

However, as I got near to the fighting machine I saw that black birds were circling around the top of it. There were large pieces of flesh hanging out of the fighting machine, and the birds were tearing it away. I saw other fighting machines, damaged and overturned.

The Martians had been killed, not by man and his machines, but by the smallest creatures that God put on earth. Tiny invisible germs!

I knew people would return and life would come back to the empty city. I lifted my hands towards the sky and thanked God. Men would cebuild what the Martians had destroyed.